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The story we began with paper and pencil came to a meaningful turning point; MuseVr proudly presents the new highly immersive, photorealistic and artistic world of virtual reality. Our passion of telling stories with images has been changed a lot in past, the point we came is representing a revolutinory change for the future of product design and comsumer experiences.

You dont need to fly for hours to experience a new product or visit a piece of art in a museum. Highly immersive and fine prepared VR experinces of Muse will let you enjoy every detail in your living room or in your office space.

As it’s a must see experience, we would highly recommend you to take your appointment to step in this new field. Please check the requirement list and contact us for an appointment.

“Presence is still coming into a definition, but we know two things about it: It feels good, and it’s different from verisimilitude. With presence, you do get a profound sensation of space, causing you to forget you’re staring at a screen. Presence is fragile, but when achieved, it’s so joyful and sustaining that those who touch it tend to fall silent.”

– Virginia Heffernan, New York Times


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